The «Platform Chemistry» established the program «Chemical Landmarks» to identify and manifest the scientific and technological heritage by awarding sites which have played a significant role in the history of chemistry in Switzerland.

Switzerland in particular owes a major part of its wealth to chemistry with its discoveries and successes in research and the ensuing chemical industry. The goal of the program is to recognise historical sites where distinguished chemists or important chemical breakthroughs were made and to emphasize and foster public interest in the chemical sciences.

Annually, one historic site is selected and awarded during an official ceremonial act.

All Chemical Landmarks to date:

«Chemical Landmark» 2018

Vor über hundert Jahren hat Albert Wander mithilfe wissenschaftlicher Verfahren in Bern die Ovomaltine entwickelt. Der Ort, wo dies geschah, erhielt die Auszeichnung 2018.

Image: Wander AG

«Chemical Landmark» 2017

Erstes Laboratorium für Chemie der Universität Basel im Falkensteinerhof am Münsterplatz: Wirkungsstätte von Christian Friedrich Schönbein.

Image: Leo Merz

«Chemical Landmark» 2016

Ehemaliges Chemieinstitut der Uni Zürich:
Chemische Erfolge während 69 Jahren.

«Chemical Landmark» 2015

Ehemaliges Chemieinstitut der Uni Freiburg:
Ausbildungs- und Forschungsstätte zahlreicher Chemiker.

Image: Service des biens culturels Fribourg. Fonds Héribert Reiners

«Chemical Landmark» 2014

Laboratory at Reichenau Castle:
A preserved, private research laboratory from the mid-19th century.

Image: Barbara Winter-Werner

«Chemical Landmark» 2013

Lonza plant in Visp:
A pioneer of chemistry in the Upper Valais.

Image: Lonza AG

«Chemical Landmark» 2012

The Rosental site in Basel: The cradle of Basel’s chemical industry.

Novartis archives: The oldest company archive in Switzerland.

Image: Novartis Firmenarchiv

«Chemical Landmark» 2011

The Laboratory of Jean-Charles Galissard de Marignac:
The workplace of the discoverer of the elements Ytterbium (Yb) and Gadolinium (Gd).

Image: BGE, Centre d'iconographie genevoise

«Chemical Landmark» 2010

The former chemistry building of the ETH Zürich:
The place of work and education for several generations of chemists and chemical engineers.

Image: ETH-Bibliothek Zürich, Bildarchiv

«Chemical Landmark» 2009

«Laboratorium» in Winterthur:
The first chemical factory in Switzerland.

Image: Winterthurer Bibliotheken, Sondersammlungen